Water in HillTrack.

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14 Days | Started: May 12th, 2020

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Muhammad Imran Shorif


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Breaf & idea.

Mangkhai Mro Para is a village of 21 families of Mro Indigenous community people. The approximate population of this village is 500. Their main medium of earning is collecting natural resources (wood, bamboo, etc).

They face so many problems and difficulties in terms of geological and poor socio-economic conditions. Such as there are no primary schools and even no NGO schools. As a consequence maximum number of children cannot go to school and thus they are still outside of the light of education. They don’t have any access to clean water and sanitation as well and as a result, they suffer from so many diseases throughout the year.

The neighborhoods are located on top of all the hills. And there is no water supply system so high. They have to rely on spring water for use. After walking a few miles, they fetched water from the cascade. So tubewells are needed for a better water supply for the villagers.


Mro Indigenous community (21 Families and 120 people) are having access to clean water. Few Children are getting sick than previously. 

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